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Pet Nutrition Service

The health and well-being of your pet begins with its diet. At Center Veterinari Tossa de Mar we offer a nutritional advice service for pets.

We are experts in nutrition, they analyze the silhouette of your pet, its physical activity, habits, predisposition to suffer pathologies associated with incorrect diets and we provide you with a tailored plan to maintain its ideal weight.

Food and nutritional advice for pets

We are professionals and we advise on the best diet for your pet. Not all animals have the same nutritional needs and, in addition, they vary at each stage. A puppy has completely different nutritional needs than an adult dog.

At Center Veterinari Tossa de Mar we will recommend a diet that meets all the needs of your pet. We have the best ranges of food (both wet and dry), maintenance diets, as well as prescription.

Veterinary prescription diets

Sometimes our pets get sick and need a specific diet to help them recover. Veterinary prescription diets do not contain drugs, but they do have a certain composition of nutrients that help their recovery. These diets are a support to veterinary treatment.

Dog diets

Providing your dog with the perfect range of nutrients is very important to keeping him healthy and happy. Every dog is different and has specific dietary needs.

Dogs are omnivores and need to consume both meat and plant foods to ensure that they receive all the nutrients. Your food needs vary at each stage of your life. Puppies, for example, have a higher need for caloric density and a higher ratio of protein and minerals.

Diets for cats

A balanced diet helps your cat to lead a healthy and happy life. Cats are carnivorous animals, so a correct diet for your cat should include meat.

Meat provides your cat with important nutrients such as taurine, important for its heart and eyesight, arachidonic acid, for the health of its skin and coat, and vitamin A, for its coat and sight.

But, each cat is different and needs a diet adapted to its specific characteristics: age, size, but body, activity level, etc. If you have questions about the food your cat needs, our professionals will answer all your questions.

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